Wanted: GPs with a Lust for Life (and Boats)


Picture this:

You walk out of the medical clinic where you work on a Tuesday afternoon, and 30 mins later you’re untying your boat from the jetty to do a little sunset fishing.

Or, 15 mins later you’re catching up with friends at a winery overlooking the Mitchell River.

Or you’re hiking through a rainforest gully in the midst of world-renowned national forest.

You get the picture.

Don’t leave your life’s great adventures until you retire.

Bairnsdale Medical Group is looking for GPs that truly value the life part of work-life balance.

In the heart of East Gippsland, one of Australia’s most loved holiday and adventure destinations, we live in a thriving community with great private and public schools, employment, study and business opportunities for family, and a lifestyle that will be the envy of all your colleagues grinding away the best years of their lives in the big smoke.

You’ll make a big difference in a community that values you, seeing a wide range of presentations in our clinic and at the nearby Bairnsdale hospital.

And there’s procedural work available if you’re interested in gaining procedural skills in anaesthetics and obstetrics.

It’s challenging and rewarding work, in one of the most beautiful regions in Australia.

Anyway, don’t take our word for you. Do your own research.

Google “East Gippsland.”

Like what you see?

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