Pregnancy and Women’s Health

At Bairnsdale Medical Group Dr Joel van der Meulen, Dr Sema Yilmaz   and Dr Daniel Otuonye and are proud to provide complete pregnancy care for mothers, their partners and their babies.

This includes preconception counselling, infertility assessment (in conjunction with local visiting obstetric and gynaecology specialists), antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care through Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS).

We provide this service to well mothers and babies, including vaginal deliveries, instrumental deliveries (vacuum or forcep delivery) and Caesarian section. Our clinic GP anaesthetists are available 24 hours for epidural or spinal anaesthetics if and when needed.

Shared care and intrapartum care is in conjunction with a wonderful group of highly trained midwives through the new purpose built maternity clinic at BRHS Main St.

Continuity of care is very important to us and we strive to ensure your doctor is there for delivery if possible. After hours services are covered by Dr. Joel, Dr. Sema and Dr. Daniel, each of whom on are on a on-call roster.

Some pregnancy care does include shared care for more high risk pregnancies who are planning to deliver with other hospitals.

This is a wonderful and complete service which blends seamlessly into the ongoing care of women, their families and their children long after delivery.