Dr Daniel Otuonye


Dr Daniel Otuonye is a Partner at Bairnsdale Medical Group.

His primary medical degree was obtained from Nigeria.

He completed his fellowship of the Royal Australian General practitioners in 2009 after arriving in Australia gaining a wealth of experience in various tertiary hospitals including Royal Adelaide Hospital, Woman’s and Children’s Hospital(Adelaide) and many other Rural and Remote areas of Australia..

He completed a Diploma in Child’s Health Westmead University and has an Advanced Diploma from the Royal Australian and NewZealand College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Currently he is a Visiting Medical officer at the Bairnsdale Regional Hospital with admitting rights where he provides general medical, Emergency, paediatric inpatient, and Obstetric,  including postpartum care.

Dr Daniel also manages  care of patients at various nursing homes within our region.