“You Must Like Cake and Animals” – BMG Looking for Can-Do People to Join Admin Team


Here at Bairnsdale Medical Group we are looking for administration staff to join our fantastic team.

We are big believers that smart, savvy people with the right attitude can do pretty much anything they turn their minds to.

So if you don’t have experience in other medical clinics, that’s no biggie for us.

If you’re the kind of person that sees solutions where others see problems, you’re our kind of person.

To learn more about our current admin vacancies, email admin@bmg438.com.au.

Here’s a few other characteristics we’re looking for:

+ You must like a fast paced environment.
+ You must have high standards.
+ You must like learning.
+ You must be willing to ask for help when you don’t know the answer.
+ You must be able to cope with change.
+ You must like cake and animals. Seriously.

For more information, email admin@bmg438.com.au