Registrars 2024

Meet Dr Charlie Hsu -MBBS 

“Born in Taiwan and bred in Canada, Charlie is an academically trained research scientist who was working on cell-based therapies for chronic and degenerative diseases.   Needing a change of scenery after 10 years of academic pursuit, he came to Australia in 2016 to study medicine.  Since graduating from the University of Queensland in 2020, Charlie has worked in various regional and tertiary hospitals across South East Queensland and the Wide Bay.


After spending a year in a Critical Care role in a tertiary emergency department, Charlie has decided to specialise as a rural generalist, with a patient-centred approach to chronic disease management, preventative health measures, and providing continuity of care across primary, secondary and emergency settings.  Having welcomed a new baby girl recently, Charlie is also developing interests in paediatrics and obstetrics as well.


As an avid windsurfer and windfoiler, Charlie spends all his spare time looking up wind forecast, hoping to catch the afternoon breeze for a blast session across the bay.  Outside of sailing, Charlie enjoys kayaking, weightlifting, cycling, jogging, hiking, as well as cooking for his wife, who is his biggest fan.”