Darwin Trip a Chance for Rural GPs to Reconnect

Bairnsdale Medical Group GP Dr Sarah Wilmot on Mindil Beach in Darwin.


How wonderful it is to be able to travel again – to see friends, family and colleagues, and explore the far flung places of this wonderful country of ours.

Bairnsdale Medical Group GP Dr Sarah Wilmot recently returned from a trip to the top end, for a gathering of rural doctors focused on the latest advances and best practices in delivering babies in rural and remote areas.

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) conference in Darwin was the first time in almost three years that rural doctors in Victoria have been able to meet with their counterparts elsewhere.

“It was absolutely wonderful to be able to see everyone face to face,” Sarah said. “These gatherings are really important, particularly for rural doctors, because they make sure our skills are up to date and that our rural communities receive the same level of care as those in the cities.”

The conference focused on obstetrics – which is the medical speciality concerned with delivering babies and looking after pregnant mums. 

“I’ve always loved obstetrics,” Dr Wilmot said. “It’s such a beautiful part of our profession.”

“Obstetrics doesn’t care where you are where you live when you go into labour. Emergencies happen in Bairnsdale, and I wanted to make sure that my skills are current and based on the latest evidence. Now I can bring this information back to share with my fellow GPAs here in town. It was reassuring to know that we are doing well here at home!”

Luckily for Dr Wilmot, who loves to travel, she was able to find a few hours to explore Darwin too.

“I loved the warmth of the days and evenings, coming from my frosty home in East Gippsland,” she said. ”And that stunning sunset at Mindil Beach was a sight I’ll never forget!”

If you’ve got some great Darwin travel stories, be sure to share them with Dr Wilmot next time you see her.


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This post was written by Jake Lynch